Helicopter charter, rental and hire

Weight of Passengers & Baggage

The total weight of all passengers and their baggage is important for helicopter companies. This is both from a regulations point of view and for calculating the correct price on your request. If no data is entered, the final price could be wrong and additional payment may be charged by the helicopter operator. Heeightlicopters have limited weight and  baggage capasity. It is important for us to be informed about the size and weight details of your baggage in advance. Both we and our collaboration companies use different types of helicopters to customize the mission so that we can present the best possible price to you. It is therefore necessary to have all the information that may affect the weight issue available. This has significance for fuel calculations and time. You can view baggage limitations when you book. Please note that absent details on weight and baggage could lead to the flight being unable to be executed, and prepayment lost.