Helicopter charter, rental and hire

Weather & Technical obstacles

The helicopter is a very versatile tool, however against the forces of nature there is no ruler. Every helicopter rental or charter mission is associated with the weather reliant. It may be ising conditions in the air, too low cloud ceiling, strong winds or poor visibility to complete the mission. Cancellation due to technical issues may also occur that makes flying impossible. By cancellations due to such factors the customer is never charged if the flight has not yet started. The helicoptercompany can not provide any compensation for the cancellation. This applies to all flights , both one way or roundtrips and sling operations.   The helicoptercompanies has the right however, to offer the flight at first possible point in time when conditions are flyable.  Booking fee is non refundable. Cancellation due to conditions above, is pilots sole decision.  If pilot dicides that weather is within the limitations of the local aviation authorities regulations, flight will be accomplished.  If passenger cancels due to weather conditions in spite of pilot evaluation , the helicopter rental or hire  is to be paid in full.