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Helicopter Landing Site

The helicopter landing site terrain must be flat and minimum 20x20 meters. There must be no obstacles in the take-off and landing directions such as tall trees, masts, powerlines buildings etc. The landing site cannot be in congested or dense populated areas. Landing on uncultivated land such as mountains, islands, forests or other publicly accessable recreational areas is forbidden unless you have special permission from the authorities. This can be obtained under certain conditions, but does not apply to recreational flyying. Generally, landing inside cities and towns, although it might be space for it, is prohibited with single engine helicopters. The landing site must be clean, and no lightweighted objects that can be whirled up from the downwash of the helicopter can be near the site.If you have accepted that you want us to obtain the landing permission, it will be done to the nearest available and legal place within 25 km from your requested location. This may also be an airport if no other mean is possible. Booking fee is not refunded if the user choose to obtain landing permission himself and is unseccesfull. The same applies if Helikopter Flights is unable to obtain landing permission. The fee for handling the application is compensation for the administrtive work and is not subject to refund in any circumstances.