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Helicopter Sightseeing Tours

The suggested helicopter sightseeing tours are fixed, but the route and duration may vary. The duration is approximate and can vary both due to wind conditions, low visibility or cloud base. Please note that in certain areas flying below 1000 feet is prohibited. This is typically above congested areas, cities and national parks. If safety demands it during flight, individual points on the tour may be omitted. If a flight is abrupted after departure by conditions beyond the control of the helicopter company, there is no refund or compensation. 10% booking fee is due at the time of booking request being sent. The booking fee  is payment for the use of www.helikopter.flights. Payment for the flight is less the booking fee and is paid  when the flight is  confirmed by a helicopter company and according to their procedures.  The booking fee is not refundable. Booking requests or confirmed tours can be rescheduled by the helicopter operator due to technical or weather related issues. If no helicopter company has availability on the requested date and time, or there are not enough passengers booked to  fill all seats in the helicopter, or technical or weather situations makes the planed time impossible, the user must set a new date and time at no extra fee to be paid. Booking fee is not refundable.    If your booking is less than 5 passengers, your payment is due at day of confirmed flight.  You may cancel any time , however you  accept responsibility to pay for the flight  since other passengers may still  want to fly and the helicopter requires 5 passenger seats paid for the flight to take place.  For Giftcertificate on tours, see relevant section.   All confirmations on booking requests are logged by IP address and sent to the email of the user.