Helicopter charter, rental and hire

Permissions & Restrictions

Helicopter Air transport is a highly regulated business. The Helicopter Society, pilots and the Civil Aviation Authority are working closely to ensure that rules are followed. Helicopter is a very flexible and technically advanced machine that can land practically anywhere.  To land with helicopter  in your country you may need the landowners written approval. In those countries, and nobody except the owner himself can issue a landingpermission. By landing on i.e. a public sportsground, it is not sufficient to obtain permission from the sports association unless they also are owners.  In areas outside general properties, like mountains, glaciers forests etc. an additional permission may be required from the office of environmental affairs in the county in question.  In cities, towns and villages, or where larger groups of people are present, permission from the local police may also be also required.  In general , these are the permissions that are requiered. Some countires less , and in some more.  Bookingrequest fee is not refunded if tour is cancelled due to missing of not granted landingpermits.
If you choose to let Helikopter.flights (Heliticket AS ) to do the work to  apply for permissions a charge of NOK 2.000 excl vat is applied per individual permission applied for.  The charge is not refundable either is permissions are granted or not.

Regulations :
Outside public Airport: Landowners permission
In cities and dense congested areas: Police and landowner. Requirements for twinø-engine helicopter may be requiered.
In the nature and Wilderness: Local municipality Land owner
On water: CAA regulations

Photography from air:
Local permissions may apply in most countries.www.helikopter.flights can on your behalf collect the permissions required.  If you choose to take care of this requiremenrts yourself, no problem.If not, a fee will be applied to your payment for this service.