How do I book time for a Gift Certificate flights ?

If you purchased the certificate yourself, log in with the same user id as when you purchased the card. Go to "My Flights" . There you will find the certificate and may register the desired date. If you were given the Gift Certificate from someone else, then enter the serial number found on the certificate in the box "Use Gift Certificate". Follow instructions to complete. 

Not enough passengers to fill all seats in the helicopter.

If you have ordered a helicopter tour for a smaller number of passengers than the helicopter has seats, you must share the trip with others. If there are not enough ipassengers, the assignment will not be sent to the helicopter companies in the region. Then a new date must be entered.

How to set a date and time when booking single seats on Sightseeing tours

Single seats are an opportunity to get a ride in the air without having to pay for the full helicopter. You share the helicopter with others who want the same tour. When you order, You pay only 10% and then directed directly to the page where you enter the desired date and passenger names. If all seat sin the helicopter are not taken, you are notified and may choose a new date in "My Flights". You pay for the rest of the flight the day of departure.

How to change the date on a booking listed on the calendar

If you have booked a tour listed on the calendar, and which is  waiting to fill up vacant seats, you may change the booked date in "My Flights".   When all seats are taken and the flight order is sent to an operator, you can not change the date.


How to book a helicopter sightseeing tour
  • Press Heliopter charter from main top menu
  • Select Helicopter charter
  • Selecti sub menu Sightseeing Tours
  • Select city of departure 
  • Select  button "Show all helicopter tours" or press markers on the map
  • Press buttin for number of passenger
How to set date and time when booking a sightseeing flight

After you have pressed the button for number of passengers, you are directed to PayPal payment page.    You pay 10% , then you are directed to the page for date and time.  Select date and time and enter names of all passengers.  Also enter the ca AVERAGE weight of the passengers.  Book flight.



The Calendar - How does it work for Tours and Gift Certificates

The calendar is for passengers that are waiting for the helicopter to fill up.    
Both sightseeing tours and Gift certificates have the option of purchase for single passengers.   This is much cheaper than buying for full helicopter.  When you enter a requested date for less passengers than the helicopter has seats, the flight is not sent to the helicopter companies in the region untill all seats are sold. In the meantime the booking request is listed on the calender so others can  find it and list themselves on the same date. You will be notified when the helicopter is full.  You may also register yourself on an alreday listed flight, so chances increases to fill up all seats.   When the flight is full, it is removed from the calnedar and the order is sent to a helicopter in the region.  Please note that Gift Certificates are  valid  on saturdays only.

If there are not enough passengers on a flight, a  new date must be entered.   The portal is an automatic self service program and there is no way for the program to know if a user is in the area for a limited time or is a tourist.  This is described in details in Terms & Conditions and it is not possible to completeca payment before these terms are read , understood and accepted by the buyer.