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Stavanger - The Oil capital in Norway. Metropol on the west coast. Exceptional beauty of nature and wildlife. Fjords, mountains, and the Pulpit Rock tour

Stavanger is a city and municipality in Norway. The city is the third-largest urban zone and metropolitan area in Norway and the administrative centre of Rogaland county. Helicopter sightseeing tours to the Pulpit Rock, are famous. The municipality is the fourth most populous in Norway. Located on the Stavanger Peninsula in Southwest Norway, Stavanger is today the center of the oil industry in Norway and is one of Europe's energy capitals . The city's rapid population growth in the late 1900s was primarily a result of Norway's booming offshore oil industry. Today the oil industry is a key industry in the Stavanger region and the city is widely referred to as the Oil Capital of Norway. The largest company in the Nordic region,[6] Norwegian energy company Statoil is headquartered in Stavanger. Stavanger is a popular tourist destination, especially in summer. The hotels in the city have good occupancy year round due to a lot of commuters who travel to work and meetings in Stavanger. In recent years, Stavanger has also become one of the most popular ports of call for cruise ships, with the number of cruise ships increasing steadily, making Stavanger one of Europe's fastest growing ports of call for cruise ships north of the Mediterranean. In 2009, 99 ships and 146,000 passengers passed through the town, and in 2010, a total of 111 cruise ships with about 175,000 passengers visited the city.

Pulpit Rock helicopter Express

Express helicopter sightseeing tour from Stavanger Airport  to the world famous Pulpit Rock. A extraordinary view of the nature with the deep Lysefjord 1800 ft. feet below.


Prices include 6% tax
City, Pulpit Rock, Lysefjord  and Kjerag

Enjoy a complete helicopter tour of Stavanger city, the Stavangerfjord and the famous Lysefjord including the Pulpit Rock and Kjerag, base jumbers paradice.

Prices include 6% tax
The City, Coastline and Beaches of Jæren

Enjoy a helicopter tour of Stavanger and the flatlands of Jæren! South of the busy 'Oil Capital' there are stunning beaches and beautiful coastline. A paradise for surfers and kiters.

Prices include 6% tax