About Flights - Find price on helicopter charter

About Flights - Find price on helicopter charter

Mission : 
Promote helicopter companies by making their helicopter services easily and readily available to the public.

The program  is a public portal for pre-calculating quotes for different helicopter flights. You can send a booking request to the relevant helicopter companies based on the quote calculated. If the time-slot is available and the price is accepted, you will be contacted for practical details. 

Helicopter Charter for Taxi and Slingload Operations
After selecting your specifications, the program calculates a suggested price of the helicopter rental. Our database consists of helicopter companies, their locations, helicopter types and capacity. The algorithms in the program use this data and your input to present a quote. You may send a booking request automatically based on the quote presented.
Multi Helicopter Charter for Groups
The program has algorithms for handling group transport with multiple helicopters (including several waypoints with or without landing).  

Helicopter Sightseeing Tours
All sightseeing tours are suggestions to routes in the regions where our system has listed helicopter companies. If you find any of the tours attractive and want to fly the route, you pay a booking fee up-front and the booking is sent automatically to the helicopter companies operating in that area. If a relevant operator is available in your selected time-slot, you will be contacted for practical details. .

Gift Certificates
Please see in Terms & Conditions

Low-price Calendar
Helicopter companies may list their empty seats on flights between other missions and their home base. You can get cheap transport if the empty seats fit your needs. For Sling Load Operations, helicopter companies may list booked jobs in a region, giving you an opportunity to plan your needs during the same time period and reduce expenses. You can also list your request in the calendar and wait for other requests in the same region to save money for all parties. 

Helicopter Companies
If you are a helicopter company, you may receive an automated booking request from a user. The system has precalculated a suggested price from the request. This is based on our database of helicopter locations, helicopter types, capacity, general pricing knowledge, and the input data from the user. If you find the price and request acceptable and have availibility, you may accept the request and receive the contact details of the user. Payment is to you directly.  As a helicoptercompany you may also have your own version of helikopterflights.  Then it is customaized and profiled as your own. Then your own fleet will be used in quotes and calcualtions.  and with your own pricing !   Check out customized helikopter.flights in your own profile.

Helikopter Flights Ltd. will adhere to the law in the jusridiction where the system is hosted. So also regarding Copyright laws. 
The sole intention of published pictures, are to give the user an option to see  places on route to be flown. Pictures are in general free from Panoramio or similar regarding Byline and Credits: Some pictures are screen captures from parts of generally available pictures on internet. Under which the jurisdiction in question is considered to be used in accordance with the understanding of the "Fair Use" doctrine. Others are purchased or download free from tourist picture banks including Byline and Credit to photographer. If you claim your rights have been abused, please send us an email with the buyline and credit you want to be inserted. Alternatively the screen capture of the image will be removed. 

Helikopter Flights Ltd.  initially developed and launched the portal.    
Helikopter Flights Ltd. has transferred the ownership of the domain, the immaterial rights and the technical and financial operations of the portal and program. , to :
Heliticket AS, Siggerudveien 665, 1400 Ski, NORWAY . company reg.no. nr. 917712662.  

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